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Evalynn Pastrata → 17 → Junior → Ghost of Christmas Past → Elizabeth Gillies


Evalynn has a problem with dwelling on the past. She simply can’t let anything go. If you did something to make her angry years ago, you can bet that she’ll still have a problem with you now, because she can really hold a grudge. But this also works in a positive light. If you’ve been kind to her before, or you’ve done her a favor, she will never forget your loyalty. Her memory is impeccable and she won’t let anything slip her mind. Having that all said about her, though… she really doesn’t like these qualities about herself. She wishes she could move on, could forgive and forget, could look ahead of herself instead of behind her. For this reason, she gives very good advice. She can see people’s pasts so clearly, and she knows just how to get them to accept and/or move on from it. She’s particularly good at helping people realize and see things about themselves or their lives that they may not have noticed before. She’s an excellent judge of character. She just wishes she could take her own advice and join everyone else in the present.

→ The role of Evalynn Pastrata is currently taken.
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